Executive Summary

No matter the industry, market, or sector, real-time actionable geospatial data has become an essential part of our lives and an ingredient to ensure a successful enterprise. Yet today, much of that data is barricaded behind intellectual property rights, held hostage to big tech’s pricey subscription fees, or simply inaccessible due to technical constraints.

This whitepaper outlines the NATIX Network’s strategy to provide open and equitable geospatial intelligence to people and organizations. The paper focuses on how the platform collects data using existing cameras as “super sensors,” protects privacy rights through NATIX's proprietary artificial intelligence and Edge computing technology, and creates a Dynamic Map of the real world for users to collect and consume real-time data. In addition, the paper details key participants, data collection incentives, and spotlights the innovative products and technologies that make it all happen.

Here we explore how a crowdsourced camera network can give businesses and communities real-time access to decision-making data gathered locally and without the burdens of typical camera network infrastructure costs. By adopting a crowd-sourced camera network and Blockchain technology, NATIX Network combines decentralization, financial incentives and intrinsic motivations to break up long-standing data monopolies. In concert, these digital tools and economic strategies, make the NATIX Network a ground-breaking entry into the multibillion-dollar geospatial data market.

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