NATIX Drive&

Drive&, NATIX Network’s flagship product, is a revolutionary AI-based driver assistant application operating in a decentralized space. It empowers users by automatically rewarding them for capturing events in their surroundings while driving, making every journey safer, more engaging, and financially rewarding.

Smartphones' global and widespread availability and convenience make it effortless for users to join and start using Drive&. The application is free and there's no need for costly and specialized devices – your smartphone is all you need.

All-in-One Solution

Drive& aims to change our driving experience by combining driver assistance tools, Marketplace integration, and gamification features into a single, user-friendly application. As users contribute to the network by mounting their smartphones on the dashboard, the computer vision AI can turn every smartphone camera into a smart sensor that automatically scans the road ahead and detects events such as road obstacles, surface damage, traffic congestion, and more.

For their contribution, Drive& users are rewarded with in-app currencies which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards. With the introduction of the native NATIX token in 2024, users will have the opportunity to translate their driving experience into actual earnings, further incentivizing participation and driving the growth of the NATIX ecosystem.

Privacy and Low Data Consumption

Drive& is committed to user privacy and data efficiency. By utilizing on-device (Edge) computing and artificial intelligence, Drive& guarantees a fully privacy-compliant method of scanning public spaces – by design, adhering to data protection and privacy laws worldwide.

Hardware-based dashcam projects that transmit images have 50-200GB of data consumption for heavy users per month (driving 8 hours per day). With an average data consumption of only 1 GB per month for heavy users, NATIX’s bandwidth usage is 99% lower than any dashcam. Drive& reduce impact on users' data plans while delivering powerful computational capabilities.

Driver-Assistant Applications

With the data contributed by Drive& users, NATIX can offer a suite of driver-assistant features designed to enhance the driving experience. Drive& currently provides dashcam capabilities and plans to expand its features to include speed trap alerts, navigation assistance, parking availability indicators, and more.

By providing practical driver-assistant tools and functionalities, Drive& becomes an indispensable companion for drivers creating a powerful flywheel effect. Drive& users become both the supply side for the data as well as the demand side of a network that operates in a decentralized space, pushing the boundaries of Web3 and DePIN innovation.

Gamified User Experience

Drive& is a pioneer in integrating gamification into DePIN smartphone apps to enhance the user experience. By incorporating gamified elements such as regional leaderboards, completing missions, and participating in airdrop programs for extra rewards, Drive& transforms driving into an interactive and rewarding activity.

This gamified approach not only encourages user participation but also fosters a sense of community and competition among users. As one of the first DePINs to embrace gamification, Drive& sets a new standard for user engagement and retention in the decentralized infrastructure space.

Marketplace Integration with Crypto and Non-Crypto rewards

DePIN users are incentivized to contribute data to the network and are rewarded through blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Drive& caters to a wider audience with one of its key pillars, the integrated Marketplace. The Marketplace offers a diverse range of rewards beyond cryptocurrencies, offering tangible rewards and discounts through collaborations with leading vendors.

Through the Marketplace, NATIX taps into a vast user base that may not yet be familiar with cryptocurrencies, providing an accessible entry point into the world of decentralized networks. This approach not only fosters wider adoption but also enhances user engagement and retention.

The Drive& app is available on the iOS and Android app stores.

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