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Market Entry Products

NATIX Mobile app

No need to buy extra hardware to earn NTXT. NATIX Mobile App enables our community to use their phone cameras to join the network and earn crypto. Currently, there exist roughly 1.5 Billion active smartphones equipped with AI accelerated chips. These devices are able to run neural networks and machine learning (AI) in a more energy-efficient manner. To be more specific, any Apple iOS device equipped with an Apple Bionic chip (iPhone XS or newer) has such capability. Samsung, Huawei, Google, and other brand are also providing mobile AI chips in their devices.
The app provides a range of AI models (e.g. for potholes, trash, or parking spot detection) with varying rewards. It will offer the following earning options to the users:
a) Drive/ride&Earn - Passive earning is possible by placing phones on a car dashboard, bike handle, or elsewhere. For convenience, the app will provide additional services such as navigation, dash cam and speed-camera alert to the users.
b) Play&Earn - players must physically travel to explore the map, detect events with their cameras, and earn crypto.
NATIX Mobile app - The left image illustrate Drive/ride&earn functionality with additional services such as navigation and dashcam. The right image illustrates Play&Earn functionality.

NATIX-enabled Smart Cameras

NATIX-enabled smart cameras are hardware devices running NATIX software and provide “set-and-forget” functionality to the users. Our community can purchase and customize ready-to-use cameras (e.g., Smart IP cameras, dash cams, etc.) or prototype and build their own (via our references and onboarding guidelines).
NATIX-enabled smart cameras are supported by NATIX Device Manager — a web-based device management tool to register, authenticate, and manage devices on the NATIX Network.

NATIX Map Interface

The data produced by this massive crowdsourced camera network needs to be collected and made available to buyers in an easy way. NATIX Map Interface is designed for enterprise Data Consumers, enabling them to subscribe and consume real-time data captured by NATIX’s internet of cameras.
Data Consumers can search, filter, and visualize already generated data across the network by the set of AI models (e.g., pothole detection AI). This functionality allows them to pre-screen the sample data before subscribing to the future data generated by the network. The interface also offers API integration to third-party systems (for real-time data delivery).
For example, a utility company looking for up-to-date information on road conditions could use this tool to see the pothole data already generated by NATIX Network. They can then subscribe to pothole data API and get notified when the network detects a new pothole. This data could be available as a live feed into their route planning system to help the staff, to manage service requests and respond effectively.
The protocol’s primary focus is on generating and delivering real-time data to consumers. However, to support users, NATIX Map Interface provides tools and necessary connections to store data permanently. We will initially support IPFS and S3 protocol and add more data bridges to other networks such as Ocean Protocol at later stages.
NATIX Map Interface - It enables Data Consumers to subscribe to and consume real-time data captured by NATIX Network. The product offers visualization, search, and API integration.