The Company

NATIX is the initial team behind NATIX Network. We stand by the belief that technology should increase citizens' quality of life without invading their privacy.
NATIX GmbH is a German entity founded in 2020, focusing on developing a privacy-enforcing computer vision platform. Today, our patent-pending technology is the easiest way to make any camera smart and 100% privacy compliant. Currently, NATIX GmbH is in charge of the development, maintenance, and growth of the NATIX Network. As NATIX Network grows, this role is foreseen to be taken over by the community.
NATIX is trusted by international names such as E.ON, Deutsche Telekom, City of Den Haag, City of Gelsenkirchen and Thyssengas. NATIX is backed by well-known global investors such as Techstars, Plug and Play Ventures, and CoinIX Capital.
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