iLand NFT

NATIX DDMap divides the globe into tiles, each with a unique intelligent Land NFT, aka "iLand NFT". Our community members can get them and it will generate passive income. Any data generated by the NATIX Network cameras will be on one of these tiles. Upon monetization of this data, the tile owner is entitled to a royalty on every transaction on that tile. Additionally, iLand NFT holds governance functions within the network.

The iLand NFTs are NATIX’s unique invention to incentivize regional data growth, fund the network’s long-term development, and help the network to identify and realize potential development within areas of its DDMap.

The iLand NFTs will be airdropped, sold, and later traded in the market. The NFT minting fee, plus a royalty fee on NFT tradings, are reserved to develop the network and incentivize the early Actors.

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