Bonding and Staking

Bonding is a well-recognized way to keep players in a system committed and honest. NATIX Network uses bonding tokens which are locked by Actors to serve as collateral. This bond is released if they stop operation or is slashed in case of malpractice. The two Actors subject to bonding are xNodes and Detectors.
Crypto liquidity pools are an essential part of decentralized finance (DeFi). NATIX Network will incentivize participants to provide liquidity for NATIX/USDC on AMMs via its Reward Pool. Liquidity Providers (LPs) contribution is defined as the number of LP tokens staked weighted by duration. Before claiming their rewards, LPs must first vest their tokens.
Staking the NATIX token also offers other benefits based on the average staked amount over a set time period. Among these benefits, network participants can get a discount on Network fees by up to 25%. A complete plan and exact values of each program will be released in future.