Rewards for NATIX Network Participants

NATIX Token-based ecosystem is built on a solid foundation of balanced rewards for network participants. NATIX rewards Actors by paying them when they actively contribute to the network.
NATIX Network will provide the default values of percentage for reward distribution in the future. At later stages, the community (i.e. the DAO) will take an active role in setting and changing the reward mechanisms.
The table and figure below show an overview of the incentivization mechanisms designed for the NATIX Network economy.
Incentivisation Pool
Incentivisation Pool is a dynamic pool continuously fed by a 5% royalty fee of iLand NFT sell on the secondary market. This pool aims to support setting up the network by incentivizing early Detectors, xNodes, and Developers
Reward Pool
A fixed amount of $NATIX total supply is allocated as Reward Pool to reward early network participants. The initial set of rewarded actions are the following:
  • Liquidity Providers (NATIX/USDC on AMMs)
  • xNodes (both active and standby nodes)
  • Detectors
0.10% of the outstanding tokens in the Reward Pool would be distributed on a daily basis between all Actors eligible for rewards. The Reward Pool gets less and less over time; however, it can never be depleted.
Access Pass Revenue
When data is sold, the revenue will be split between data is sold, the revenue will be split between all network Actors.
Income flows for Network-level Actors